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Vegetable purees made in Quebec

Gourmet quality vegetable purees made in Quebec. Perfect to accompany your animal or vegetable protein, incorporate into your home recipe or even add a decorative touch to your meal, eat better in no time with Épurée.

Chef Marco Gagnon offers affordable, delicious, and gourmet quality purees. Just put the bag in boiling water for about 10 minutes and the meal is ready. With an ever-increasingly busy routine, eating well has become difficult. That’s why Épurée offers you a healthy and quick to prepare product to accompany your meal.




Gastronomic quality

Recyclable packaging and bags

Want to know how to prepare our vegetable purees? Watch this short video below.

Why choose vegetable purees
for your meals?

Add flavor to your protein

Amplify the texture of your meal


Quick and easy with Épurée

And of course, IT'S DELICIOUS

Natural, simple, and certified Quebec food ingredients

Our vegetable purees contain only natural and fresh ingredients. You will find on average only 5 ingredients in our purees such as the star vegetable, butter, salt, garlic, and olive oil. 

Simplicity always tastes best

Gluten free


No preservatives

No artificial flavors

The magic of vegetable purees.

Reimagine your traditional recipes by integrating our vegetable purees into your meals. Accompany your animal or vegetable protein with a broccoli puree, cook a risotto with a delectable mushroom puree, or even just put beet puree on your toast in the morning! Purees are versatile ingredients!

Bring out your inner chef!

The benefits of eating vegetables

Nutritionists recommend eating 5 to 10 servings of vegetables a day. Vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Plus, they are low in calories. Use our vegetable purees to increase your vegetable intake. 

Eating vegetables has many health benefits.

Maintain a healthy weight
Reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases
Helps control appetite

The taste of Quebec

In addition to offering you delectable vegetable purees, we offer 100% Quebec meal boxes. We offer boxes for all tastes. From meat lovers to vegans, we have something for everyone.

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