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The Puree can be used as the main ingredient in your recipes as well as a side dish. It can be used to enhance your omelets, desserts, or meat dishes.

Our products are available in many supermarkets in Quebec. Consult the points of sale.

All Épurée purees are 100% vegetarian, and we take great care to ensure that our kitchen equipment is never used to process meat. Purée: Beetroot Purée is the only one of our products that contain no trace of dairy products and is therefore suitable for a vegan diet.

Yes, Épurée is certified as a “Quebec food” and “Quebec prepared”. We are delighted to be able to create links with local businesses and to be able to enjoy exceptional products from Quebec. Local commerce is our priority, as much for its positive impact on the environment as for the human connection it allows.

Épurée contains no preservatives, but can still be frozen for an extended period (up to 6 months!). The secret of its shelf life is the 5th range, a preparation method that is similar to vacuum packing.

The 5th range is a preparation method where the meal is vacuum packed and frozen. Since all the air is sucked out of the package, the vegetables have an extended shelf life while retaining their consistency, freshness, and aroma.

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