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The man behind the mashed

Marco Gagnon has created Épurée: a gourmet side dish that anyone can prepare simply and creatively, without making a mess of the kitchen.

With a dozen years of experience in the kitchen and a diploma from the ITHQ, Marco has developed his expertise at the Club Chasse et Pêche, the Manoir Rouville-Campbell in Mont-Saint-Hilaire at the esteemed Ritz-Carton in Montreal.

His dream? Those dishes are beautiful and good as those of the greatest tables are accessible to all lifestyles and budgets.

What we stand for

Purée de brocolis | Magasin d’alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Focus on the quality of Quebec products

Purée de betteraves | Magasin d'alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Offer non-GMO, non-preservative and non-artificial flavored meals

Purée de champignons | Magasin d'alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Be sensitive to vegetarian and vegan diets and environmental concerns

Purée de pommes de terre | Magasin d'alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Adopt a flat work culture where everyone's needs are taken into account

Purée de carottes | Magasin d’alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Design a product accessible to all wallets and lifestyles

Purée d'oignons caramélisés | Magasin d'alimentation en ligne | Épurée

Valuing the creativity and social contribution of a democratized culinary culture

Épurée, it' s a company with human values

  1. ✓ The packages are assembled by people with disabilities.
  2. ✓ The vegetable scraps are sold to a farmer with which he feeds his pigs.

Épurée aims to be "zero waste" in the short term. 

  1. ✓ The box and the bag are recyclable!

Company culture

To amaze, you have to differentiate yourself, and to differentiate yourself, you have to act unconventionally and innovatively. To surprise is to make the gesture that no one expects, that goes beyond the gesture that everyone expects. It’s about creating an emotional reaction in the person to whom the gesture is addressed. Purified does not want to be an ordinary company, we do not provide ordinary services and we do not want our staff to be ordinary. We want every one of our employees to surprise, delight, and confuse. Whether it’s in our dealings with our colleagues or our relationships with our clients, associates, or business partners. We strive to amaze our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, our associates, and in the long run, our investors.

Permanent change is one of the characteristics of a growing business. For some employees, especially those who come from large companies, constant change can be a little unsettling at first. If you’re not willing to work in a constantly changing environment, you’re probably not right for our company. Far from fearing change, we must learn to embrace it enthusiastically and, perhaps more importantly, encourage and drive it. Change can come from anywhere. Don’t look for the status quo, because we know that companies that struggle are usually those that can’t adapt to change and respond quickly enough.

We don’t want to be like those big companies where everything is official, rigid, and boring. We like to laugh at ourselves. We look for humor and fun in our daily work, all in a rigorous way. We try to bring a touch of the unusual to our actions to make the exchanges more fun and interesting. We want the company to have a distinct and memorable personality. Our culture values diversity and individuality in everyone.

We don’t want to be complacent and accept the status quo because there is only one way to do things. We must constantly be open to adventure and explore new avenues with pleasure and passion. By giving ourselves the freedom to discover creative solutions, we create our adventure. We approach situations and challenges with openness and curiosity.

The personal and professional growth of employees is important to us. You must constantly challenge yourself, expand your horizons and make sure you don’t get bogged down in a job where you don’t feel like you are growing and learning. We believe that every employee has more potential than they realize. Our goal is to help employees unlock that potential. You must be willing to challenge yourself and strive to achieve your potential. Sometimes we are barely able to deal with the issues at hand before new ones arise. This is not a cause for concern, but rather a sign that we are moving, improving, and gaining strength.

Each problem solved is a sign that we are making progress. This process is endless, we will never finish perfecting ourselves and we will never be perfect. Contrary to appearances, there is nothing negative about this attitude. It is the cycle of growth and, whether we like it or not, this cycle never stops. Sometimes it seems like we don’t know what we’re doing, and it’s true. Scary? Maybe, but if it makes you feel any better, no one else knows either. In other words, there are no specialists in what we do. We become our own specialists as we do it. The greatest expertise we ask of our recruits is to learn, adapt and find solutions – in short, to help the company grow, and in doing so, to grow themselves.

We are deeply convinced that the most successful relationships are based on openness and honesty. These qualities generate trust and reliability. We value quality relationships with all parties involved: managers, employees, customers (internal and external), business partners, teammates, and colleagues. Because they are strong and constructive, these relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we could otherwise. To forge strong relationships, it is essential to establish an emotional connection. Be honest, caring, warm, and loyal to others, and treat your relationships with the respect they deserve. In any relationship, it is important to listen and communicate well. In this regard, we believe that honesty and openness are the foundation of all communication. As a company grows, communication becomes more important. It is communication that allows each employee to understand how his or her team fits into the company’s overall plan. No matter how organized it is, communication is always the weakest point of a company. We ask everyone to constantly redouble their efforts to promote thorough, complete, and effective communication.

We want to create a friendly, warm and vibrant environment. We encourage diversity of ideas, opinions, and perspectives. The best leaders are those who lead by example, and who are both leaders and followers. The best team members are those who take the initiative to solve problems on their own and contribute to the success of their team and their company. They take charge of situations and work with their colleagues to overcome challenges. High-performing team members have a beneficial influence on each other. They strive to eliminate all forms of cynicism and negative interactions and seek to create a climate of harmony between themselves and others.

Our contacts with others are casual, but this does not allow us to treat our business lightly. Attentive, serious, and dedicated, we are willing to work hard and go above and beyond to get it right. We believe in operational excellence and know that there is always room for improvement. We strive to be more efficient and are constantly looking for new ways to improve. We turn our mistakes into learning opportunities. We must never be satisfied with “good” because we believe that good is the enemy of better and we do not aspire to be a good company, but the greatest food company in the world. We want to set and exceed our standards.

Passion is the engine that drives us and Épurée forward. We value passion, determination, perseverance, and the urgency to do the right thing. We are inspired by the confidence and faith we have in our company and in what it will become. We never give up, because we know there is always a solution. Passion, good energy, and determination are contagious. We take an optimistic (but realistic) approach that feeds each other. We are all part of a dream and a vision that is bigger than ourselves, yet we see the concrete effects every day.

We refuse to rest on our laurels and we know that, no matter what, we must never look down on others. We are proud of our individual and collective successes, but that does not give us the right to be arrogant and treat others differently than we want to be treated ourselves. We prefer to be guided by our inner strength, knowing that in the long run, it will reveal our distinctiveness.

Credit - Values of the founder of Zappos.

On the social level

Épurée wants to reach people by offering the pleasures of gastronomy. As part of its community mission, Épurée offers workshops on food to the population. Thus, people in a situation of solitude as well as those in social rehabilitation can consolidate their autonomy through culinary practice.

On the ecological level

Épurée stands out for its business model that is sensitive to environmental, social, and economic issues. Our products make us savor Quebec products. Moreover, our production method aims at zero waste.

Our workers, founding members, and customers all contribute to raising our standards. This teamwork makes fine cuisine accessible to everyone, regardless of their wallet, their schedule, their cooking skills, or their dietary restrictions.

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